Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A few pics xx

I thought I would add a few pics, hopefully just to get you thinking about how yummy my panties are hehehe xxx and of course wanting them xxx

Come and get me boys :) 

x x x x x 


Monday, 27 February 2017

Hey I'm back for 2017.....Well I didn't actually go anywhere :)

New panties on the site.....Yes I know I can hear you all saying 'At last'.....
It's taken me since before Christmas to get shopping, but it's all done now and there's lots of yummy thongs and delicious full backs. Oh and i've been buying lots of Brazilian style thongs recently, so there's a few of those as well.....
I'm hoping to have a look at how I can update the design of the site in the next few weeks as well. Some new photo's and maybe a new layout as well, although that does depend on how much time I have 😄 Those of you that webcam with me will know that I do try to spend as much time as I can on there.....It's Soooooooooooooo much fun hehehe  😚 But, of course that leaves me short of time to get other stuff done as well.....A naughty girls work is never done it seems LOL xx

Have a good look at the new panties, I'm sure there will be something to tickle everyones fancy and of course for my kinkier guys xx (luv ya hehehe) don't forget the 'specials' page xxx

Chat soon
Kisses and hugs

Thursday, 11 June 2015

New York, New York

I have to be honest I really wasn't sure whether I wanted to go to New York....Anyone who knows me, knows I am a Mountains, waterfalls and forest's kinda girl :) So to be in one of the Worlds most packed and hectic city's was a bit of an issue for me LOL.....But, I had been invited as part of a birthday celebration and I am SO pleased I went...Its a fantastic vibrant place and we had a great time. Visiting all the tourist sites and getting off the tourist trail and seeing the 'real' New York as well. House music DJ's playing on a basketball court in the East Village :) Wonderful xxx   
Anyway If you haven't already been to NYC then I Recommend you go at least once in your life. You wont regret it, although I would avoid the Winter...The stories we heard of the cold and snow sound awful.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Home sweet home xxx

I'm back from my holiday's xx I just need to get christmas over and done with and then New year's eve parties of course hehehe
The site will be updated after that, but if there is something you want before then, just drop me a message and we can have some fun : ) xxxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sorry for the lack of panties, But...........

I have to say a huge 'sorry' to all of you that have sent me messages about the lack of new panties on the site.....I have to be honest and say i have been so busy with camming that I have been really awful and let the choice of knickers go down way to far....
But dont worry, I have a plan LOL xxx
I am off on my usual winter break next week....I fly off to Vietnam for a trip starting in Saigon and finishing in the North in Hanoi. Then, I hop over the border into Laos for a few days to chill and will be home just before Christmas.
Sooooooo, I will start the new year with a brand new collection. I will get a range of delicious thongs and lovely fullbacks on to the site and have it all revamped for 2015......
Of course i wont be able to answer any emails or reply to any orders until I get back, so again if you do message me please be patient. I'm not ignoring you xxx I just wont be taking my lappy with me on this trip xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Very naughty foot fetish fun

Hiya everyone xx
Just thought I would share some fun i've had this morning : )
I've been getting naughty with a gorgeous cock throbbing for my feet. I got him on his knees stroking that hard cock as i teased him with what was turning him on....
My feet xx
 As his cock spurted that gorgeous mess i allowed him to put the whole lot onto my feet and toes. 
I then finished him off by giving his cock a spunky massage with my cum covered feet. 
I adore the way the spunk acted as a lube as I rubbed his hard dick with my toes.....
And guess what ! I filmed all the messy fun xx So you can watch him spunk that yummy load...Just click here to take you to my page and then go to the 'movies' tab xx
I dont think it will be long before i'm doing this again LOL  :)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lots of new panties for the summer

Come and get me boys LOL xxx

I have been out shopping and have loaded the site and my panty drawer of course, with the most gorgeous collection of panties....

Everything from lace to cotton and every style to satisfy even the most fussy of my panty guys....

Fullback, thongs and brazilian's....They are all there just waiting for you :)

Click here boys Foxxy's worn and used panty collection 

kisses and chat soon
x x x x x x